With the rapid development of urban infrastructure construction, municipal management work has become more diversified, and public underground pipeline facilities such as communication, gas, water supply, drainage, heat, and electric power in the city have also increased. The management of manhole covers for various underground pipeline facilities on urban pavements has also become one of the concerns. If the urban pavement manhole cover is not well managed, it will cause great safety hazards to the citizens’ travel and the vehicles on the road. RFID radio frequency technology plays a big role in the control of manhole cover on urban roads, realizing effective traceability supervision and management of manhole cover, and will vigorously maintain road and well safety.

Municipal engineering is a major project related to people’s livelihood. In the process of promoting the construction of smart cities, the intelligentization of municipal facilities is also an important part of the promotion process. With the growing maturity of RFID radio frequency identification technology, RFID applications have penetrated into every corner of life. The intelligent management of the manhole cover makes full use of the active 2.4GHz RFID transmission distance and the low cost and no power supply of the passive UHF RFID tag, and establishes a dual-frequency RFID intelligent management system solution with reliable operation and low cost. And it is applied to the manhole cover of the municipal system, which realizes the complete functions such as the timing report of the manhole cover, the abnormal displacement report and the manual inspection path planning. Due to man-made and natural factors, the management of manhole cover in municipal engineering has always been a difficult problem. RFID technology has effectively solved the casualties and property losses that may result from the loss of manhole cover.

The whole solution consists of two parts: the RFID system and the back-end business system. Among them, the active RFID integrated reader and the handheld UHF RFID handheld device, under normal circumstances, the RFID card actively sends a handshake signal to the integrated reader every hour, and the integrated reader collects the information and sends the data to the background. The server, the staff can view all the manhole covers through the monitoring terminal. The handheld is used for manual routine inspection, and the staff conducts inspections according to the route set by the handheld and records abnormal conditions. When the manhole cover is abnormally moved, the RFID card will send the abnormal information to the integrated reader in real time, and the integrated reader forwards the abnormal information to the background server for analysis in real time.

(1) RFID electronic tags can be packaged into various forms according to the requirements of use, and can adapt to various harsh environments such as oil stains, dust pollution, and rain washing. Therefore, for equipment that is often used outdoors, the RFID tag is used as the asset identifier, which can effectively solve the damage of the label in the outdoor environment and ensure the safety and reliability of the manhole cover data.

(2) Radio frequency technology uses radio carrier communication technology to realize data exchange, which can realize non-contact and invisible reading of tag information. Moreover, RFID tags can store data, and data can be written repeatedly up to 100,000 times. In the manhole cover management, the enclosure is closed after installation and commissioning, and it cannot be opened without special reasons.

(3) Using the RFID electronic tag as the manhole cover card, key data such as the main information of the manhole cover can also be recorded in the tag. Because each RFID electronic tag has a globally unique ID number, which is written in the ROM process mode when the integrated circuit is produced, cannot be changed, so the RFID electronic tag cannot be copied and exchanged. When inventorying, the handheld device can be used to read the data of the RFID electronic tag installed inside the device without opening the device casing, and at the same time grasp the key information of the manhole cover. The RFID electronic tag is installed inside the device, which is more secure and confidential. Under normal conditions, the detailed information of the device can be grasped in time by reading the tag information. Because RFID electronic tags cannot be copied, the manhole cover information can be checked in time to quickly grasp the loss of the manhole cover.

(4) Joining the radio frequency technology of the manhole cover management system, further strengthening the monitoring of the manhole cover, ensuring the security of assets and ensuring the integrity, accuracy and reliability of the asset data.

Through the RFID radio frequency technology, each RFID cover is assigned to each of the manhole cover and the well position. If the cover is found to be lost, only the RFID electronic tag can be scanned, and the property unit can be immediately identified, and the manhole cover can be replenished in the shortest time. . Each manhole cover has an RFID electronic tag that is also convenient for inspection management. RFID technology realizes traceable supervision, conducts effective asset management, and facilitates institutionalized management of relevant departments.

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