Waterproof EPC Gen2 Long Distance Rewritable Rugged RFID Metal UHF Hard Tag For Outdoor

Long Distance RFID Metal UHF Hard Tag, it can be used worldwide, of which RFID chips will be stored globally unique identification code.


Product Description
Chip H3,M4,M5,U7,U8,9662/9654/9630/9610/9640/9529
Above chips are optional
Size Rectangle size or Square size
Material  ABS/PCB (support anti-metal material add)
Operating Frequency  860-960mhz
Applications  payment,library,inventory,logistic,warehouse management ,Asset tracking and identification 
Optional  anti-metal, 3-M sticker
Standard package per piece



Storage shelves and locomotive management

IT facility chassis management

Management of large and medium metal containers

Power box, power facility management

Indoor and outdoor office buildings with metal enclosures
Equipment and facility management

Personnel inspection management

Management of public facilities such as street lights and traffic light poles

Equipment controller board management

Manufacturing Management,

Logistics management

equipment management

Iron and steel industry applications

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