The laundry industry

has been exploring intelligent management and control information. It has gradually evolved from hanging barcode, QR code, and RFID. RFID is the best solution in the laundry management at present. Powered by RFID technology, high efficiency has been achieved in mass laundry management.

Nowadays, RFID technology has been widely used in hotels, hospitals, industrial laundry. And it runs through the collection, disinfection, washing, sorting, and distribution of linen. RFID can quickly complete the stock-taking washing products. It can greatly improve work efficiency, reduce the error rate to a great extent, and realize intelligent management.

RFID Laundry System: How does it Work?

Based on UHF RFID technology, an efficient working platform is built. It can realize rapid collection, classification, automatic inventory, and collection. So how does the RFID laundry system work? The workflow as follows:

1、 Register Clothing Information. The first thing is to register the information on clothing. Such as number, name, type, department, person, etc., in preparation for coding.

2、Fix the Tag. Write the registered clothing information into the chip of the laundry tag. And fix it to the clothing.

3、Distribution of Clothing. Clothing and RFID tags have been bound. Use RFID reader or scanning gun for inventory. Generate reports. Distribute clothes to relevant personnel for use.

4、Classification and Storage of Dirty Clothes. When clothes are dirty, a fixed RFID reader or scanning gun will read the RFID tag on the clothes. The RFID management system will automatically record the relevant data. And print out the vouchers.

5、Clean Clothing Classification, Out of the Warehouse. After the laundry is washed and dried, it is classified by an RFID washing tag. And then out of the warehouse and transported to the corresponding use department.

What can RFID Technology do for Laundry?

Increase Efficiency for Laundry

In RFID laundry management, each piece of linen will be equipped with an RFID laundry tag. As they pass through the assembly line, the reader will recognize the information in the tag. Then it will know what type of linen and where it needs to be sent.

RFID technology can liberate the time of manual sorting of linen. And it also can quickly send the linen to the next laundry procedure. It is more efficient than the traditional barcode or distinction by relying on the human eye.

Predict the Service Life of Linen

By the RFID tag sewn into the linen, the system can know the number of times each linen is cleaned. And the RFID laundry tag can be washed 200 times and can withstand 120 degrees Celsius ironing.

When the number of cleaning is close to the critical value, the system will tell it to the washing company. So the company can put forward the old linen ordering plan and a series of late maintenance services for the hotel in time.

Optimize Linen Inventory Management

RFID tags can help to manage inventory faster and more efficiently. The RFID tag gives each piece of linen a unique identification number. And it supports group reading. Staff can count the inventory through the RFID reader to know the linen inventory.

Besides, if the linen is lost, you can know the type of linen lost through the label information. And you can track the responsibility, and make up for the work mistakes.

Prevent Theft and Reduce Disputes

The amount of linen is so large that it is difficult to track and check. If the loss occurs, the culprit cannot be found. That can easily lead to disputes between industrial laundry companies and customers.

RFID tags can reduce and avoid this phenomenon. The code in the RFID tag can determine whether the linen is lost. And it can check its history to prevent theft and reduce disputes and losses.

Automatically Generate Statistical Reports

The RFID laundry management system can automatically generate a variety of analysis reports. And it can query and print relevant information at any time. That is conducive to improving the management level of the laundry room.

Which RFID Tags can be used for Laundry?

Can RFID Tags be Washed? RFID Laundry Tags: Yes. RFID tag for laundry is usually sewn on clothing and need to go through all the processes of cleaning, drying, ironing, etc., together with the clothes. Thus, the RFID laundry tag must be able to resist a variety of harsh environments in the cleaning process.

According to the frequency, RFID laundry tags are mostly HF tags and UHF tags. RFID HF laundry tags are mostly used in laundry rooms. And RFID UHF laundry tags are widely used in large industrial laundry and uniform or linen rental companies.

According to the material, there are three kinds of RFID laundry tags that we usually use.

RFID PPS Laundry Tag

RFID PPS Laundry tag is made of engineering plastic with better heat resistance. PPS laundry tag can work at 180~220℃. And it features high-temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, rubbing resistance, good insulation performance.It is an economic choice for automatic tracking and intelligent sorting of clothes. There have many sizes and RFID chips including HF chips and UHF chips that you can choose.

RFID Silicone Laundry Tag

RFID silicone laundry tag, one of RFID flexible tag, uses eco-friendly silicone material. It is soft and harmless to the linen. This laundry tag can withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. And it can be easily sewed into the seams and herms of clothes, blankets, and other products. Yet, if used for too long, it is easy to fall off and cannot work well.

RFID Textile Laundry Tag

RFID Textile laundry tag uses high-temperature resistant washing cloth. It features small, lightweight, durable, waterproof, and soft. It can also easily cope with bending and extrusion in the washing process. So it can be used in a variety of clothing while wearing comfort will not be affected in the slightest.

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