Decoder for ICS & SEO-S

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Product Description

Connectivity: USB-C, Dimensions: 90 x 55 x 24mm, Weight: 60g.


This accessory does not guarantee that you can clone all SE / SEOS cards.
This accessory only works with iCopy-XS.


An accessory for iCopy-XS to clone SEOS IP and ICLASS SE

NOTE: The exploit is only available for ICLASS Readers with configuration-enabled legacy card acceptance.

NOTE: This exploit will not apply to all ICLASS SE Reader.

NOTE: Upgrade iCopy-XS firmware to 1.0.84

iCL – Legacy
iCE – Elite

All ICLASS Cards are one-time write.

Products Details

Please note:

The iCS Decoder will only work for target systems that are configured to accept legacy cards. This is the default configuration. This technique will not work on all iCLASS SE® readers. Coverage is approximate 85%.

The iCS Decoder is an accessory – it requires an iCopy-X.


Setup and use of the iCS Decoder is rapid and simple.

Plug the iCS Decoder into the iCopy-X using the provided USB-C Cable.

The device will be automatically recognised. If it is not recognised after 5 seconds, unplug and replug the device.

Place the target iCLASS SE® / iCLASS SEOS card® on the iCS Decoder.

The iCopy-X will decode the card, and display the CSN, Facility Code and Card Number.

Disconnect the iCS Decoder.

The iCopy-X will prompt for a iCLASS SE® compatible tag (“iCS”)

Place the blank card on the iCopy-X, and proceed with the write.

How to use it?
1) Attach iCS Decoder to iCopy-XS via the Type-C to Type-C Cable provided.


  • If the iCS Decoder doesn’t respond, please reconnect.
  • Please wait for iCopy-XS to respond to the iCS Decoder. Normally it would take 1-5 seconds for it to prompt the screen.

2) Swipe the card on the iCS Decoder.

  • On the iCopy-XS, the screen will display the CSN, Facility Code, and Card Number.

3) Disconnect the iCS Decoder from the iCopy-XS.

4) At this stage, the card is successfully read. iCopy-XS will prompt you to place a new iCS cloning card on the iCopy-XS antenna portion and proceed with the cloning process.\\

 What is included?
> 1x iCS Decoder
> 3x SE Cloning Cards (One time write)
> 1x Type-C to Type-C Cable

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