$9.9 pack 100pcs F08 RFID Smart Ticket Bracelet

$89.90 $9.90

TipsWelcome to pay order online, but please note that flat freight is for 1 pack (100pcs) F08 wristband only. More quantity discount and details kindly contact us online or email.


Product Description
Chip HF: Fudan F08 1k
Protocol ISO14443A
Size 350X15mm
Memory 1024bit
Frequency 13.56mhz
Material woven
Write endurance 100,000cycles
Reading Distance 0-3cm
Woven Material soft (thermal transfer)
Color Front side print logo as the picture display, back side is white blank
Print Artwork cymk printing 
Data Retention 10years
Erasable Times 100,000cycles
Locker White disposable clasp like the picture display
Applications concert, access control, hotel, traveling, payment depend on your system and software
Material Comparison
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