What are RFID Wristbands?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification. Its operation module is simple; an RFID tag detects radio waves from a reader and releases data.

When used for small events, wristbands are embedded with RFID tags that contain ticket information and the attendees’ data.

These wristbands are then used as the ticket to the event. Whenever the attendee passes past the RFID reader, their data will be captured. If authenticated, then they will be allowed to access the venue.

Have you ever attended an event that required that you wear a special wristband?

Well, these wristbands help in identification and event management. They are embedded with an RFID chip that contains your payment and personal details.

The convenience associated with the process explains why RFID wristbands are integral for small events.

If you’re wondering what RFID wristbands are, then this article will answer all your queries. It gives useful tips on why and how you can integrate wristbands in your small events.

Does RFID Wristbands is good for Small or Big Events?

RFID wristbands have always been a reserve for big events. This phenomenon can be attributed to the high cost of RFID implementation.

However, the RFID sector has undergone massive transformations. There are now more RFID manufacturers than there has ever been. As a result, RFID chips are more affordable now when compared to the previous decade.

As such, you should never fear the RFID’s cost of implementation, regardless of your events’ size. The benefits that you’ll get by implementing the technology for your small events overrides the cost.

What are the Benefits of Using an RFID Wristband for Events?

The use of technology in events management improves your logistics and eliminates the chances of making costly errors. Here are 5 of the crucial benefits that you’ll get by using RFID technology for managing your small events:

1.Increases Event’s Profitability

It’s disheartening to make losses from an event that you’ve spent days to arrange. As such, you should always use all the techniques at your disposal for a guaranteed return on investment (ROI).

One of the proven methods is the use of RFID wristbands.

This technology will ensure that you sell more tickets to your event. If you’re wondering how RFID technology will boost the sales of tickets, then this is how:

For you to sell your tickets, you need to drive traffic to your website. If you regularly use RFID wristbands to manage your events, you can extract data from past events.

This way, you will have targeted marketing. For example, you can get data on who attended your previous events, reviews, and other crucial details.

When you get this data, you will create specially tailored messages to segmented audiences. This marketing technique will significantly increase your ticket sales and enhance your ROI.

2.Easy Event Planning

The success of your event will always be pegged on your ability to plan. If you use RFID wristband technology, you’ll have crucial information that will make planning a breeze.

From the previous RFID data, you will be able to extract meaningful information, including:

How many people attended your previous events?
How many entrances and exits did you have for the event?
How many food vendors did you have? Were they enough?
How many seats/sessions did you have?
When you critically analyze this data, you will create a functional layout and address all the challenges you experienced in the previous event. This way, you will boost your attendee’s confidence in your services, which will improve your business prospects.

3.It Improves Entry Logistics

A majority of event attendees who complain of poor time management are willing to negatively review the organizers.

As an organizer, the last thing you would want to experience is a negative review. Complaints will erode your customer’s trust, which will result in dwindling fortunes.

If you’ve found yourself in such situations, you should consider integrating RFID technology to manage your events.

The use of RFID technology ensures that you avoid long queues of attendees. This way, everyone will be settled in time, which will guarantee attendees satisfaction.

4.It Prevents Scalping and Ticket Fraud

If you’re just a beginner in the events industry, you cannot afford to have attendees sneak into your event.

In the modern world, scalping and ticket fraud is the norm. Mischievous people will always copy tickets and apply pass backs to access the venue of your event.

If you’ve experienced these problems, then you shouldn’t hesitate to use RFID wristbands. With this technology, you will personalize all your tickets, and it will not be possible for anyone to use a fake ticket.

But how does this happen?

Well, the RFID wristbands have an integrated chip containing all the information about a specific attendee. The information may include the names, unique ID, seat number, and other details necessary for managing entry to events.

Additionally, these RFID wristbands will store the time of entry and the number of exits/ entries for every attendee. As such, you can be sure that using RFID technology will enhance your event’s profitability.

5.Increase Attendees Spending

When you arrange an event, your primary goal should always be to maximize profits. As a result, many organizers integrate services such as food and beverages canteens.

However, these secondary services can pose a logistic nightmare. When everyone wants to buy a drink, it will result in long queues that will erode your customer’s satisfaction.

To avoid this, you can apply the RFID wristband cashless payment to quicken the process of getting secondary services.

You can also link the RFID wristband to your customer’s credit cards, vouchers, and bank cards. This way, they will be able to tap their wristband to implement the purchases within seconds! This will not only diminish the long queues but also improve your profitability.

6.Increase Your Events Appearances in Social Media

When holding a small event, you’ll indeed be working with a limited budget. This deficiency can make it relatively hard for you to advertise your event on various social media platforms.

However, using an RFID wristband will surely resolve your worries.

With this technology, your attendees will be able to share information about your event without a hassle. To achieve this, you’ll only need to create social media check-in stations and photo booths.

What Type of Data can RFID Wristband Collect and Store?

When you use RFID wristbands, you will be able to track and monitor your event’s progress. The band stores information such as:

Personal Information. The wristbands will contain all the personally identifiable data of the attendees. The data helps you to maintain an accurate attendance record for future reference as well as security purposes.

Ticket Information. This technology stores information regarding the ticket. The data may include the ticket number, the booking date & time, and any other information related to the ticket.

Activities Undertaken in the Event. Whenever an attendee completes a transaction using the RFID wristband, the chip’s memory will record it. The information could be the number of entries & exits as well as the number of internal purchases.

Can RFID Wristbands Be Used to Track Attendees?

Most RFID wristbands use high-frequency passive technology with limited read range. As such, no one can track the attendees once they leave the venue of the event.

Advantages of RFID Wristbands over Barcode Wristbands

Before RFID technology became affordable for small events, organizers would apply barcode wristbands. However, RFID wristbands offer better tracking services when compared to the barcode ones.

Here are a few advantages of using RFID wristbands:

High Read Rate. RFID wristbands have a high throughput. As such, an RFID reader can read thousands of these tags in just a few minutes. On the contrary, the reader can only read one barcode wristband at a time.

Do Not Require Line of Sight. RFID wristbands do not require line of sight for the reader to capture the data. As such, the reader can read the attendees’ information from any direction. This feature guarantees quicker admission than when using barcode wristbands.

Low Operation Budget. You can automate the RFID tags through a portal. This allows the attendee to tap their tags to be allowed into the event. On the contrary, barcode technology requires human interaction to ensure that the reader captures the data accurately.

Easy to Modify. RFID wristbands offer the organizers a chance to read/write the tag. They can modify the information contained in a tag in real-time. This makes it easy to implement sudden changes to the event without bloating the budget.

Durability. RFID antennas come in non-conductive materials for guaranteed protection from knocks, heat, and water. This construction makes RFID wristbands more durable than the barcode ones.

Security. RFID tags are hard to copy. The database is usually encrypted and protected by a strong password.

Adoption of RFID wristbands is a sure way of enhancing your event management logistics. The technology has a myriad of benefits that will improve your profitability. It will also enhance your attendees’ satisfaction, which will guarantee future business.

What Material Wristband You Can Choose:

1,Woven Wristband with plastic chip tag

2,Woven bracelet with build-in chip tag

3,String Rope With Plastic Tag and one time use cooper metal ring clasp

4,Elastic / Sstretch Bracelet Wristband

5,Paper /Tyvek Disposable Bracelet

6,PVC Disposable Bracelet

7,Wooden Bracelet

8,Silicone Wristband

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