Recently, the State Drug Administration’s labeling requirements for small-size packaging pointed out that for products with a net content of no more than 15g or 15mL, only the product name, the name of the registrant or the filing person, the net content, and the use For information such as expiration date, the product name and expiration date are still indicated on the packaging container in direct contact with the contents, and other label information can be indicated in the built-in manual or electronic label.


It is marked in the form of an electronic label, and the word “electronic label” is marked above the image code, and the code can be scanned and identified through conventional devices such as smart phones.

Electronic label is a brand-new concept and a way to cater to the digital age and keep pace with the times. This is very beneficial for small-packaged products such as eye shadow, powder, and eyebrow pencils. “The packaging itself is too small to present so much information, and the country is supervising excessive packaging. Therefore, the emergence of electronic labels can allow products to be designed There is more design sense.”


In addition, are there other benefits of applying RFID electronic tags to cosmetics?

Anti-counterfeiting traceability

There are a large number of counterfeit products in the cosmetics market. RFID electronic tags can mark products at the source, protect the brand, and provide anti-counterfeiting certification for various products.

Since each electronic tag has a globally unique ID number, it cannot be forged or copied. The NFC fragile anti-transfer label can achieve the effect of tearing and destroying and cannot be transferred twice. By attaching NFC fragile anti-transfer labels to cosmetic products, information management such as production statistics, circulation traceability, and sales data can be fully realized.


Once counterfeit and shoddy products appear, terminals with NFC identification function can be used to read the contents of the electronic tag. Due to the uniqueness and non-copyability of the electronic tag, it can be immediately identified whether the product is a genuine product authorized by the manufacturer.

Circulation process supervision

In the process of circulation, the informatization RFID system can monitor the whereabouts of each cosmetic. In the event of internal personnel replacing genuine goods privately, RFID special equipment can be used to ensure product safety during the three periods of factory exit, store entry and store sales, and prevent counterfeit products from entering the market and harming corporate interests.


Reduce the phenomenon of fleeing goods

Have a unique RFID/QR code for each product, which is equivalent to attaching a unique “ID card” to each product, and you can easily learn the flow of the product.

Using smart phones to scan RFID, QR codes and other means, monitor the phenomenon of diverting goods from one to multiple dealers, provide a basis for regulating the sales market environment and consolidate the brand image.


Efficient inventory counting

Due to the wide range of product categories and detailed color classification, the inventory error rate of the cosmetics industry remains high. Therefore, in the commonly used open shopping environment, inventory management becomes particularly important when physical stores are connected to e-commerce.

In the daily warehousing and inventory business, RFID special equipment can not only read product information, but also can save a lot of time and revenue, and it will not make mistakes. So as to ensure clear inventory, save costs for enterprises, and lay a solid foundation for sales.

Enhance brand, precision marketing

Using RFID technology can not only help companies regulate sales, inventory, anti-counterfeiting traceability, etc., but also help companies improve their image and expand brand promotion channels. Cooperate with the background management system to develop the client, combined with the WeChat official account, use the consumer’s mobile phone NFC function, and even without installing the program, you can use your mobile phone to read the information on the cosmetics label to understand whether the product is genuine and to distinguish the authenticity. Understand the detailed information of the product, and finally lead the customer to the mall for secondary sales and management of the user.

In addition, according to the beauty industry’s own characteristics and marketing needs, personalized assignment codes can be used to meet individual needs through various interactive forms such as red envelopes, membership points, and scan code rewards to achieve precision marketing and bring customers brand new Consumer experience improves the interaction between brands and consumers.

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