Biometric Door Lock Rechargeable Battery Waterproof Fingerprint Small Padlock with case to protect

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Product Description

(1) Add member fingerprint:
Add fingerprint when there is already fingerprint: press the set up button for about 5 seconds, the blue light is shorted once and
then released, the blue light is long, then enter the administrator (two administrators) Any one of the fingerprints (that is, the
first or second fingerprint set), when the input administrator’s fingerprint is correct, the indicator light changes from blue to
green and blinks. Repeat the first step to complete the fingerprint.

(2) Delete all fingerprints:
In any mode, press the setup button for about 10 seconds, the blue light is on for 2 times and then released, the red light is on,
and the administrator touches the fingerprint (any one of the two administrators). Next, if the fingerprint recognition is normal,
the green light is illuminated and all fingerprints are deleted.

(3) Lock: 
Immediately after pressing the lock beam for about 1 second in the unlocked state, it is locked immediately.

(4) Unlock:
In the locked state, input the fingerprint. If the fingerprint is correct, the lock beam will automatically pop up and
unlock. If the fingerprint is correct, the green light is short; If the fingerprint is incorrect, the red light is short.

(5) Low voltage:
When the voltage is equal to or lower than 3.5V, the red indicator will flash for 15 seconds; if it is always in
low power, every minute, report Police once;

(6) Charging:
The red and green lights flash alternately during the charging process.

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