In our daily life,most of days are working or stay with family.

it’s may be boring, so that we will go to concert or festival. and watch our idols live music show .

Then you will see that most of people use led wristband.

But do you know what is the purpose of led wristband or light bracelet?

Let’s follow up here : LED luminous bracelet | support light | activity atmosphere bracelet

If you go to a fashionable concert, you will definitely be shocked by the crowds of glowing bracelets.

The bracelet can not only shine in different colors.

But also turn on or off the lights according to different areas of the seat.It can also form a sea of support lights to surprise idols!

Very spectacular!!You can also use the wristband light to randomly. to select lucky viewers for various purposes to choose from.


Intelligent technology, wireless remote control light stick. can connect to DMX512, achieve color change . wave flashing with stage music breathing! Remote control  a venue for 100000 people!

Usage scenario:

The luminous bracelet is suitable for concerts. sports events, corporate annual meetings.

New product launches, fan meetings, music festivals. beer festivals, anniversary celebrations, and other occasions.

It can also use for a new product for children’s toys, gift promotions. and concerts to enhance the atmosphere.

Free printing of advertising logos, corporate trademarks. QR codes, website and phone numbers, and various colored patterns can enhance the visibility of enterprises. brands, companies, or individuals through large-scale events.with good advertising effects.


Our LED wristband function is control through manual buttons. and wireless control, achieving display effects . such as colorful changes and flickering . Different advertising logos can be printed ,on the light strip. and when the LED lights up , it displays a shiny logo image . All our LED concert products support customized logo printing.

The manual button control wristband . contains 2 units mini batteries if the shipment allowed to ship . this type can be used for more than 6 hours.

Through wireless control, thousands or even tens of thousands of wristband ,can achieve overall color effect changes. like group control effect at the same time.

It is also possible a simultaneously control 8 zones, or individually control the color change of each zone’s wristband. to form the effect of left and right flowing water. running lanterns, breathing flashes , and wave flashes , making the entire process lively.

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