The blood solves a lot of medical problems, but the blood is not properly handled and is one of the channels for the spread of many diseases. The process of collecting, storing, transporting and using blood requires strict process control. The application of RFID technology can effectively promote the blood resources of the hospital by binding the RFID electronic tags in the blood bag to improve the blood inventory. , planning, schedule control for information accuracy and quality assurance.

Diseases caused and transmitted by blood infections, such as AIDS, liver diseases, etc., are caused by irregular blood collection. Therefore, managing blood requires a reasonable solution to ensure blood safety and strengthen blood management is imperative.

Each blood has a unique logo

Install RFID tags on each blood bag. This tag is the only one in the world. It contains various information about blood, such as the location of blood storage, time, etc., including recalls with other blood banks, and may be used by hospitals. Always track the only RFID tags.

Reduce the risk of blood contamination

The system uses RFID non-touch radio frequency identification technology to eliminate artificial touch and reduce blood pollution. Useful to ensure the safety of blood.

Complete scientific blood information management

When the blood is stored in the warehouse, set the useful period of blood. When the blood is not needed for a long time, if it reaches the useful period, the system will automatically alarm, indicating that the useful period has arrived, and the operator can quickly find the direction of the blood, and process it. Settings can be set freely.

Multi-tag identification for improved job efficiency

After the electronic label is attached to each blood bag, the RFID reader can be used for identification, thus eliminating the manual statistics, and the data can be transmitted to the system management center in real time after recognition, collecting management and reducing faults. Foreseeably improve the efficiency of the job.

Real-time tracking management

After using RFID technology, it can effectively track the quality of blood, storage and transportation, and ensure the safety and standard management of blood.

RFID technology and computer technology monitor the quality of blood in real time, so that the entire industry chain is clear and transparent, free from pollution. The application of RFID technology enables real-time monitoring and interconnection tracking of blood quality, realizing the informationization and intelligent control of blood management. In this way, we constantly improve work efficiency and truly implement scientific and safe blood management.

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