Portable Mini Intelligent Infrared Thermometer Mobile Phone USB Smart Forehead Thermometer Measurement Person’s Temperature With Free Drive

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TipsWelcome to pay order online, but please note that flat freight is for 1-5 piece USB Thermometer only,Order must mark the USB type (Iphone or Android Type c), otherwise will ship random. more quantity discount and details kindly contact us online or email.



Kindly noted: this product itself is without a battery , when you like to work, you can insert into your mobile phone , your mobile phone support the power to this usb thermometer , so by this, request your phone has OTG power taking function

below summary for refer :
1/ all mobile phone with type C port is with OTG power taking function

2/all mobile phone with iphone port is with OTG power taking function

3/ a little mobile phone with old android port is without OTG power taking function —-so by a little mobile phone with old android port can not use this product since the mobile phone itself do not have OTG power taking function ,means this mobile phone do not have function to be a battery support the power to other product , this is not product quality , it is the phone itself problem .please kindly noted

4/if you like to use this product with a power bank, the power bank android port/type C port/lighting port must be a output port , please kindly noted

5/The temperature of each part of the body is different, take the forehead measurement as the standard



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