ICOPY-X (XS Version) Handheld RFID Card Copier With 1.3″ Color IPS Display From Nikola

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Product Description


iCopy-XS is a “super” automated handheld RFID copier based on Proxmark3. iCopy-XS can read, crack, duplicate, sniff and simulate without the use of a PC.

Currently, iCopy-XS reads up to 39 types of RFID system cards and copies up to 37 types of RFID cards which is the highest in the world.






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 1) Auto Copy

Automatic scanning, reading, and writing of all information of the original RFID Tag to a

new UID card/tag.

2) Scan Tag

Scanning of tag and getting the basic information of the tag type.

3) Read Tag

Reading of all available information of tag (including blocks and sectors).

4) Sniff Traffic

Sniffing of locked sector keys for MF cards/tag.

5) Simulation

Simulation of Low and High Frequency RFID Tags

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Enter PC-Mode for expert mode

7) Backlight

OFF/ON Backlight of screen

8) Diagnosis

Running various tests to check

9) Volume

Adjusting of volume

10) About

Serial no. of ICOPY-XS and firmware update

Innovative expert mode, namely PC-mode.

In PC-Mode, after connecting to the computer, open the client in the built-in U disk, you can directly use the Proxmark3 universal CMD to operate. It is convenient for users to directly operate the equipment in a more professional way.


Hardware Specification

Charging and battery

Battery capacity: 2000mAh 7.4Wh

Charging interface: USB type-C double-sided charging


Charging power: 10W (MAX)

Charging time: 2 hours

OTG function: support

Standby time: 4.5 hours

Processor and memory

CPU technology: Cortex-A7

CPU frequency: 600MHz


Memory: 256MB+4GB 256MB+8GB 256MB+16GB


Refresh rate: 50Hz

Resolution: 240×240

Size: 1.3 inches

RFID system

HF(13.56MHz): ISO14443A/ISO14443B/ISO15693/PICOPASS

LF(125/134kHz): ASK/FSK/PSK

 Physical dimension

Height: 120.5mm

Width: 55.2mm

Thickness: 24mm

Antenna thickness: 9.7mm

Weight: 113.5g

Operating System


Based on Linux.

Products image


2.png 4.png
basic card.jpgpackage.jpgicopy-xs card.jpg


Packing list

iCopy-XS x1

USB Type-C data cable x1

Box of RFID Cards x1

Manual x1

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(1) Can the back of the antenna also read cards?

Cards can be read on the back of the antenna, and the center point of the low-frequency antenna is at the center of the label on the back. The center point of the high-frequency antenna is the location of the SN tag.

(2) Will there be a card that cannot be copied?

Among the supported cards, 98% of the cards can be decrypted and copied. But it is not ruled out that a few special variant cards cannot be cracked conventionally. Decryption can be assisted by sniffing, chameleon detection and other means.

(3) How to operate IC card online sniffing?

Under normal circumstances, you can easily sniff the password by following the prompts. Some readers need to constantly adjust the distance between the card, antenna, and credit card machine, and keep trying, and occasionally need to repeat dozens of times based on experience to master the correct distance and sniff the password. For some readers with very close swipe distance, it will increase the difficulty of sniffing.

(4) How long is the standby time? Can it be used while charging?

It can stand by for 6 hours after being fully charged, and it can be used while charging.

(5) Is it normal to heat up?

Due to the built-in card computer, it will continue to heat up after booting, and it is normal that the glass screen will be warm.

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