At present, the cold chain logistics industry is developing from a decentralized state to an intensive, standardized and informatized direction. The traditional cold chain management model has long been unable to adapt to the management needs of modern cold chain.

As the central link of low-temperature circulation of food, cold chain requires strict technical control in terms of environment, storage capacity, scientific management and electronic technology. A good operating environment has promoted the development of intelligent cold chain and has gradually become a trend in technology development. Therefore, the automation operation of the cold chain industry as a development focus, the call for efficient development, the management and technology of the cold chain have been strengthened, and the adjustment of the industrial structure and the transformation of the regular growth mode have been promoted.

At present, RFID technology is bringing a huge change to the cold chain refinement management, to identify the advantages of long distance, fast, not easy to damage, large capacity, simplify complicated workflow, and effectively improve management efficiency and business transparency.

The RFID cold chain management system has a complete in-house operation process, from the warehouse warehouse to the warehouse, commodity storage, commodity delivery, commodity inventory, commodity storage, commodity allocation, commodity sorting, cost settlement, collection, etc. … not only improved the service level of cold chain enterprises, but also ensured the accuracy of business data and financial data.

rfid in cold chain

RFID cold chain management system solution advantages

1. Full application of RFID technology in the cold chain storage link, the hardware and software of the RFID system can be integrated with inventory management and automatic control, smoothly realize data identification, data acquisition, data exchange and storage, ensuring the storage link to the entire cold chain. support. Automating data entry by RFID system can reduce a large amount of human and material consumption, and can also realize dynamic real-time control of cold chain inventory:

2. When the goods with RFID tags enter and leave the warehouse, the readers at the exiting population will automatically read the tags without manual scanning. Based on the information obtained, the management system automatically updates the inventory to achieve automatic operation. Combining the data exchange between the handheld terminal equipment of the library management personnel and the RFID tag of the computer and the goods, the accurate correspondence between the goods and the storage position can be realized, thereby realizing complete inbound and outbound storage and transfer control.

3, do not need to manually check or scan the barcode when inventorying, just hold the RFID handheld device, open the reading inventory within 3 meters of the goods, so the workload and unnecessary loss during inventory counting are greatly reduced, Moreover, through the tracking operation of the RFID technology, the position of the goods is determined to be more precise and specific.

4. The system will integrate the RFID tags used by the relevant personnel, and realize the functions of comparing the inbound and outbound time of the shipments while realizing the inbound and outbound control.

5. The temperature collected by the temperature sensor is processed by the back-end system through communication technology. This system can monitor the temperature change of warehouse goods in real time, real-time monitoring and early warning management.

6, the daily storage of goods in the warehouse will generate refrigerating costs, you can automatically calculate the refrigerating costs in real time every day, to avoid the cold chain to reduce and miss the cost of customers.

7. Set the validity period of the food, and it will automatically remind you when the date is set to ensure food safety.

8, the system’s fast backup, simple recovery features and permissions devices can help you ensure data security, easy to deal with the dilemma.

With the continuous development of the cold chain technology and the implementation of the implementation of international standards, the company has gradually been on the track of rapid high-end technology development, RFID cold chain management system to accelerate the intelligentization of the cold chain industry. The process is a powerful help.

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