Custom stainless metal membership card

As we all know, business cards are an essential tool for any business or professional
seeking to make an impression on potential clients or partners. However, with so many
different designs and materials available, it can be a challenge to find a business card
that truly stands out from the rest.
Metal business cards is 304 stainless steel, which is widely known for its
durability, corrosion resistance, and sleek aesthetic. The golden color is achieved through
a special coating process, which gives the metal a luxurious and eye-catching shine.
In addition to their striking appearance, metal business cards also offer
several practical advantages over traditional paper cards. For example, they are more
durable and longer-lasting, ensuring that they will continue to impress potential clients
or partners for years to come.


Product  Customzied Metal Business Card
Material Capabilities Brass,Aluminum Alloy,Stainless steel, optional
Size 85.5X54mm
Thickness 0.22mm,0.32mm,0.8,0.45mm customized
Color Blue,yellow,red,purple,gray
Tolerance 0.05mm
Usage Gift


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