In the production process of traditional manufacturing enterprises, the previous production mode was mainly based on single parts. Once this single-piece flow production line mode encounters complicated processes and many production links, various problems are prone to occur. Apparel manufacturing industry is a typical labor-intensive industry, and has its unique business processes and cumbersome procedures, has been clothing management and control to improve production efficiency, shorten the capital turnover time as the optimization standard. RFID technology performs automatic data collection on various process steps of the production line to provide data for all process steps of the production line for the production platform. On-line monitoring and analysis of production information such as the process characteristics of each process equipment and related process and quality index parameters, RFID technology, automatic collection of various process parameters and equipment operating parameters.

RFID clothing station management uses RFID electronic tags as information carriers for employees and clothing, and uses wireless network and Internet as information channels to establish a complete information management system, which can manage employee cards, workstations and clothing materials in the entire production line. Cards and other links are recorded throughout the process to achieve automatic data collection and real-time tracking management of production products, so as to achieve real-time tracking of logistics and information flow on the production line of the enterprise, and improve the efficiency and service level of production management of the enterprise. RFID realizes the automation and information integration of the semi-finished product process, the measurement of the finished product process, and the storage and storage management in the production process, so as to achieve automatic real-time tracking of production operations, which can effectively supervise each production position and improve product quality. Supervise the stability and execution rate of process parameters.

The RFID production line management system uses electronic work tickets to replace traditional paper work tickets, uses an RFID electronic tag for each single-piece workpiece on the production line, and installs a RFID data collection of Shanghai Yingxin Information on each station Electronic label reader. When the worker completes each operation, the system automatically sends the information of the workpiece directly to the computer system through the RFID electronic tag reader. The system automatically completes the calculation of piece-rate wages and various production statistics, providing the enterprise with a complete set of station management And production schedule solutions.

The RFID production line management system efficiently and accurately solves the problems of salary calculation and work-in-process monitoring of front-line workers in the production workshop, and collects and analyzes comprehensive information on production progress, employee performance, parking space status, and number of work-in-progress in a timely manner. To help managers obtain real-time production data from the system platform, analyze production bottlenecks and improve production efficiency, and track the complete process of product production in each link such as sending and receiving and each process to prevent errors from occurring. At the same time, the electronic tag establishes a connection channel for management personnel, company executives and front-line workers in the workshop, and feeds the production process data of each product to the management personnel at each level in real time and accurately, which greatly improves production efficiency and saves manpower, Paper, communication time, improve the enterprise’s production efficiency and management decision-making ability.

The functions of using RFID automatic identification technology to realize production line management are:

1) The system automatically records which work orders each worker is doing at what time and how long it takes;

2) Each process on the production line uses RFID station reader to automatically complete the number of subsequent processes;

3) Employees can check their production records throughout the day through the self-service swipe terminal;

4) Quality inspection: The way to improve the efficiency of quality inspection is to quickly identify the quality standard of the clothes on your hand, and RFID combined with the display screen can meet such requirements. When the clothes are taken over, the reader at the bottom of the screen reads on the clothes The label immediately displays the size requirements of clothing, various fronts and other standards on the screen to complete the quality inspection quickly and effectively.

5) The system calculates and calculates the production progress of each group, each station, and each process in real time, and provides the management workers with the best and accurate production data to provide work efficiency and reduce waste of human resources.

RFID garment

Automatic working time calculation, automatic output calculation

The RFID production line management system uses electronic work tickets to replace traditional paper work tickets, uses an RFID tag for each single-piece workpiece on the production line, and installs an RFID data collection terminal on each station. When the worker completes each job, the system automatically sends the information of the workpiece directly to the computer system through the RFID collection device. The system automatically completes the piece-rate salary calculation and various production statistics.

Automatic tracking management to improve production efficiency

The system monitors the production status of all workshops in the production process, the destination of all fabrics, and the completion status of workers. It can understand the status of order completion in real time, promote workers to work, and improve production efficiency. Intelligent data collection to reduce human error The system uses RFID technology to automatically collect data in the entire production process of production plan release, batching, cutting, sewing and other production processes to avoid errors caused by human factors.

Efficient quality monitoring system

The source of unqualified products can be traced, and correct responsibility tracking can be achieved, so that the workers can correct their work attitudes and improve the quality of production. Cost-saving label content can be read, written, and reused, saving costs.

RFID technology tracks the entire production process, from cutting beds to parking spaces, to embroidery to nail buttons, to outsourcing processing, to washing procedures, to quality inspection and other links, to collect comprehensive and accurate production line data in real time, and to pass these real-time data Analysis, to master the work schedule and efficiency of the entire production line, so as to improve the response speed, shorten the production cycle, reduce costs, improve profits and competitiveness. Use RFID technology in the production of clothing, automatically identify and collect production statistics of each link to the platform information server, establish RFID clothing production information management, realize production task progress control, production material tracking and real-time monitoring and scheduling of production core And other functions.

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